As well as offering the highest quality jewelry, our family-owned business puts its heart into developing close and enduring relationships with our loyal customers and providing them with a complete range of impeccable services.

Whether your jewelry says “I love you” or it’s an investment in the future, it will need repairs or maintenance at some point. The skill and craftsmanship of our gemologists and jewelry professionals ensures that your jewels continue to sparkle and bring joy to you.

Jewelry cleaning

Over time jewelry can become dull or clouded. Bring it into one of our stores and our qualified staff will restore it to its brilliance while you wait. Not only that but we’ll inspect it carefully to find and repair any weak spots. Your jewelry takes on a fresh new look that you’ll continue to enjoy for a long time.

Jewelry repair

No matter how carefully you treat your jewelry, it’s easy for it to get chipped or scratched. Clasps can break. A ring may need to be resized. Don’t let those beautiful pieces languish at the bottom of your jewelry case because of a lost stone, or because your pearls need restringing. Our jewelry professionals handle repairs for you in our own workshop, usually on the same day, so that you can show off your gems again in all their splendor.

Appraisal servicer

When you add a new piece to your collection, you may need a second opinion on its value; when you’re developing an estate plan, or insuring your assets, your advisors will probably ask for a professional, written appraisal of your jewelry. Our highly trained team provides unbiased, accurate appraisals that bring you peace of mind by confirming the current market value of your treasures.

Custom work

If you can dream it, we can make it! Our skilled goldsmiths transform your ideas into a stunning creation with just the right blend of colors and shapes using the materials you choose. Whether it’s symbolic, it reflects an emotional tie for you, it tells a story, or you simply want a piece that’s unique to you, we pay attention to the minute details that create a distinctive design you’ll be proud to wear again and again. The only limits are in your imagination. Click here to see how our hi-tech tools can make your dreams come true.

Watch repair

A fine watch can become an heirloom piece that you pass on to your children or other heirs to carry on your legacy. Keeping it maintained and in good working order protects its value. When you entrust your valuable timepiece to our experts, they will replace the watchband or battery, buff out unsightly scratches, or carry out other repairs so that you continue to wear it proudly.

Our team of twelve highly specialized jewelry professionals is available to serve you in our two Santa Barbara locations. We promise we’ll always do our best to make sure you’re satisfied and that you leave with a smile on your face. Click here for details of our locations.